Monday 27 August 2007

Down's Syndrome Carnival

Just read this very inspiring blog linking lots of Mums (Moms) with children who have Down's Syndrome. I'm certainly no expert here but thanks to a Priest when we were growing up, one of the Altar Servers had Down's Syndrome and I am very grateful to have been given that example as a child.

It also makes me worry what example I give as a teacher, but that as they say is another story.

Also a picture on that blog to a book about Prof Lejeune, published by Ignatius, looks like a goody. Have been re reading a biography of St Gianna Molla published by them which is excellent.

Visits from as far afield as Canada overnight. Hallo!


Leticia said...

Thanks for stopping by and linking to the carnival, which will be a weekly event, moving from blog to blog. Anyone who writes a post concerning Down syndrome is welcome to send me a link, which I will forward to the carnival host. My email is
Dr. Lejeune's cause for sainthood has been introduced, and I am currently interviewing his daughter Anouk Lejeune Meyer for an article in "Celebrate Life" magazine. I will link to it.
Nice blog here, I'll be back!

leutgeb said...

Thanks very much and I hope the carnival is a great success.

Interviewing Dr Lejeune's daughter, wow. Look forward to reading the article.