Monday 17 December 2007

Random Visits

Traffic is a mere trickle, unlike the A2 at present, so when I take a peek at site meter I have the luxury of seeing where people are and how they ended up here. All sorts of exciting countries. Hallo out there.

Sometimes people have googled such things as
Stockhausen's Mother - think of the shock when they then get lots of pics of BXVI!
Alexander 103
Bara brith
Mariss Jansons
Christmas cake

and most recently several times from America

Sending Christmas Cards to Grandma.

Well you have left it a bit late, but still time to get a really nice one, best hand-writing and all and even avoid what I have just done which is to send a Birthday Present guaranteed next day delivery - pricey but necessary in this case. My friend is suffering from familiy who are seeking to suspend prezzies and so forth. Part of the good bit of prezzies is precisely the fag you have to go to to get the thing chosen carefully, wrapped, parcelled and posted at just the right time, not the thing you send. That said I hope she likes the bubbles and chocs.

On the subject of visits here. I have no wish (and no hope) to be blog royalty, but I would like to get to 1000 by Christmas. It is my birthday after all...


gemoftheocean said...

Big Salute! Here's to reaching 1000.

(I'm always surprised at what gets hits too.)


leutgeb said...

Thanks, Karen. One down ...