Saturday 10 May 2008


Stuff Catholics like on Lay people.

I don't like having to run the gauntlet of greeters and people who have to give you stuff when you arrive at Mass.

They can be dangerous. Grandma once turned, gave me a funny look and tripped on a chair when this happened to us. She was uninjured, luckily. See, my reaction, sanctioned by someone born during the Pontificate of Benedict XV.

Last time I was in a Cathedral, a woman with a loud voice was having to explain what you needed Missal and hymn sheet wise, to everyone arriving. Never been needed before. Were there swathes of visitors to London unsure what to do in a Catholic Cathedral at Mass? Nope cos it's the same everywhere.

I think there is a phrase in 'Spirit of the Liturgy' to describe these unnecessary jobs along with a defence of people who just want to go to Mass. I recommend conducting as an antidote. Loads of people scrutinising your every move and you are happy to disappear. Failing that teaching. Anonymity, ah.

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