Sunday 12 October 2008

Sunny Sunday

Following on from sunny Saturday, a happy day of cooking and family plus Mass, coffee and chat.

After lunch, I went to a garden centre with my Dad hoping to get an apple tree and he some bulbs. We got the bulbs fine, but the apple trees didn't look great (and this in Kent - where's the pride?!) However, the blackcurrant bushes looked very healthy and as they are also on my wish list, I got two plus some onions sets. Paternal Grandmother always made blackcurrant jam and I am hoping to follow in her footsteps. She used to have a cupboard in her bedroom full of jars of jam (or so it seemed.)

Came home and got digging.

Dead chuffed that for tea I had four tiny homegrown tomatoes, 4 thinned out carrots= about one mouthful with homemade bread. Sometimes I think my efforts to grow and cook stuff is a bit manna in the desert. It's very much meal by meal and sometimes mouthful by mouthful.

In other important news it looks like having been promoted to 'maker of the family Christmas Cake,' I may be given the job of making the wedding cake for my brother. No pressure.... I shall use the Xmas cake as a practice and hopefully someone clever will ice it.

As 'Auntie Joanna' says on her blog the trees are looking very beautiful. I walked through St James's Park yesterday, enroute to the Rosary Crusade just to get in some Autumnal views. Good stuff.


Jackie Parkes MJ said...

What a wonderful day!

Adrienne said...

The number one reason for gardening is to learn patience...

leutgeb said...

Very true Adrienne. Plus it's exciting and the food tastes great and cooking people meals with your own produce feels like doing it properly and being outside in the fresh air is pretty nice too.

I enjoy the slowness of it all after the pace of the working day.
Only 9 months til the blackcurrants get harvested.... and the onions are ready.

I've just grown a lot less this year on account of moving house in the Summer, hence my wish to have a few more tomatoes. I'm remembering last year's glut!

Your garden pics always look amazing btw. Patience and plenty hard work there!

Kirk said...

You lucky thing! I wish I had a garden to home grow fruit and vegetables but alas just a balcony however I do get to buy my produce from the green grocer who get it direct from the local farms.
BTW This is my first visit and I like your blog. I am going to add it to my list. Home baking is so important!