Sunday 1 November 2009

Music Time

As my PP has just had such a good time in Estonia, it seems only right to have some You Tube on their most famous living composer, Arvo Part. He got out of the country in the 80s. Things were going so well 'til he called a piece Credo... The story is that he got off the train in Vienna with his Jewish wife (that's how they got out - they were supposed to be enroute for Israel...) and was met by a representative of Universal Edition, Vienna, the famous music publishers.

Found a clip featuring Estonian musicains as they sing so well.

Whilst we're in Northern Europe, you can never have too much of Totus Tuus by Gorecki.

I think it was written for JPII's first visit to Poland as Pope.

Watch out for the European Broadcasting Union day of Christmas music from around Europe, usually on a Sunday in the run-up to Christmas on BBC R3. You get an hour from each country and aside from the continuity annnouncements in lots of interesting languages, lots of fabulous singing. Let's hope Estonia is one of the countries this year.

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