Wednesday 3 April 2013

Pink Mountains

Last night the snowy peaks turned pink as the sun set.

Rubbish photo from my iPad....

In real life, there is a view across a valley of an entire mountain range with the tops shiny pink...



Charlie J said...

There is a scientific explanation for the pinkness....we walked up Cnicht a year or so ago and only when we were virtually back down my youngest sister realised she'd left her "specialist" blanket at the almost had to go back up for it but we told her the pizza cafe would be shut if we didn't hurry up so she decided to leave "Blanky" up there for the baby sheep....Blanky was pink.....
It must be beautiful in Snowdon now. Happy Easter!

Zephyrinus said...

I've heard of the BLACK Mountains in Wales.

I've heard of the BLUE Mountains in Australia.

But PINK Mountains !!!

leutgeb said...

Charlie J all is now clear.

If it is allowed in your family to mention blamkie, without upsetting your little sister, please let her know it has coloured the mountains a beautiful shade of pink, but just at bedtime.

Snowdonia is very beautiful just now.

I've just had fish n chips on the sea front at Criccieth, with a clear view of Harlech Castle, across the sea and the mountains behind.