Wednesday 23 January 2008


Thanks Mac.

1. Pick up the nearest book (of at least 123 pages).
In my ruck sack
Arise from Darkness by Fr Benedict J Groeschel, C.F.R.

(I was thinking his name was pronounced GRERschel in a kinda German umlauty way til I heard him on EWTN and found that he is GroeSHELLE. Touch of the Zee/Zed situation.)

2. Open the book to page 123.

yup, opening.

3. Find the fifth sentence.


4. Post the next three sentences.

Here in this world, we poor men who are called priests stand in for him according to his command.

(New Paragraph)

Make up your mind to use death as we are suposed to. It can lift our eyes to eternity.

FrG; even disjointed sentences are good stuff.
It's an excellent book, puts everything into perspective and then concludes that if everything has gone wrong, try to find someone else to help and don't sink into feeling sorry for yourself. Then it ends with lots of scriptural quotes and prayers. Oodles of great anecdotes (of which I am most fond,)and straight talking, but I'm sure you know his style better than me.

5. Tag five people.

Not great at this mainly because, by the time I get tagged everyone else already has been and I don't like creating work for people, but hey this isn't as long as the Christmas one (just finished it, what will Lent bring, one asks faintingly?) so if you want to be tagged (2008 a bit meme deficient thus far perhaps?) open that book at page 123 and let me know.


Mulier Fortis said...

Nice one, Leutgeb.

I also thought his name was "GROY-shel"... those darn Americans keep mangling the language!

gemoftheocean said...

Hey, Mac, don't look at us! It's those Krauts! ;-D

Fr. G. is my favorite Franciscan. Glad to know they aren't all dingbats. Oh, and there was another Irish Franciscan I knew of late and happy memory. Fr. Richard Fennessey. A really great guy.

Anonymous said...

Hello 30-something muso! I am also a thirty(as yet nothing) muso, at least by training/degree though I touched a peeyano for the first time in years bfore Christmas (not a pretty sound) - and will probably do a pgce if I ever finish my doctorate - and Jas McM is a mate of my mate's - so we are practically related.

Books? Garrigou-Lagrange's 'Three Ages of the Spiritual Life' vol 1 (not that vol2 isn't great, I'm sure) and John Saward's 'Sweet and Blessed Country' (sounds naffffff but is brilliant) about heaven.