Thursday 28 February 2008


Yesterday, continuing my quest to get out a bit in a Catholic kinda way, I went to a talk in a London Church. It was most excellent. Really. Top top stuff. Never been to anything where the Priest says we'll have a few questions only then a bit of silent adoration. Great. Some people ask really interesting questions, but others ramble a bit and someimes people get a bit hot under the collar, which is hard on the person who's just been speaking. I'm a teacher, so I sit at the back and look at the floor.

Anyway, during the course of the talk a lady a couple of rows infront of me seemed to faint and I'm not sure if she actually did fall to the floor, but was certainly on the way and it was a hrad wooden floor. What always strikes me on the these occasions is that everyone reacts the same. So, suddenly there was a collective surge of, 'Oh no, I hope she's OK, has she hurt herself,' though no-one actually spoke. She seemed fine, thankfully.

When with Catholics I seem to be able to mind read and other people seem to be able to predict my every wim (lucky me), the rest of the time, it's a bit hit and miss (and that's putting it gently!)

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