Monday 10 March 2008


Drips were falling from the back bedroom roof this morning.

Placed a receptical under it and legged it to the station. Welsh mac on against the rain.
Spent the day looking at the sky wondering if all the drips were adding up.

You know the question. A drip drips 0.5mil every 10 seconds, How much in 11 hours? Or increases at a constant rate or stops for a bit, even some other more interesting relationship involving a differential equation.

I once did a question at University, (for I read Maths for a year before seeing the light in a Many Variable (Too many in my opinion) Calculus Lecture - something to do with the fact that the Profs, ds, deltas and curly ds all looked the same and when he suddenly said, 'a dot b = 0 QED,' (no vector squiggles here,) and 120 people laughed nervously.) The question are yes, involved a snow plow (exciting no?) ploughing away, square metres, cubic metres blah blah. The punch line? 'What time did it start snowing?' Couldn't do it now, of course, but it wasn't so hard then, y'know let t=the time it started snowing.....

The drip has stopped. Limbo danced out of the back bedroom window onto the bathroom roof, but I can't actually see the roof and so cannot tell if a tile is wonky. Sigh.

Bunked the work do to check. Could do with the rest and some practice time, so definitely a good thing.


LizzieD said...

Hope you got the leak sorted.

Thanks for your kind comment, but nope, I'm even worse, and my son's come down with it too, please God, hubby won't as he's off to an ATL conference in Holy Week, and is planning to have a go at them for their anti-Cathloic bigotry!! He'll need all his strength.
At least it can't be caught via blogging!!

gemoftheocean said...

:-D 33 years or so ago I struggled through frosh calculus. I ran across the notebook the other day and my lecture notes. I recognize my handwriting, but damned if I can follow it. As far as I'm concerned integration is a social problem, not a math one!


leutgeb said...

Maggie Clitherow
Good luck to your husband. I am a member of the ATL and I've read some dodgy stuff in their mag (hey it would be odd if they really liked Catholic Schools - no-one else does!)

gem of the ocean
Frosh. Don't know him. Sounds scary. I decamped to Music because I found Maths very cold and found never writing any English weird, although I do like it very much and have great respect for those who pursue it to the bitter end.