Sunday 9 March 2008

The Other Boleyn Girl

I went to see this on Fri.

Folks more learned than I can scrutinise it for accuracy.

In terms of goodies and baddies however, Catherine of Aragon is portrayed very favourably. H VIII is seen throwing away his marriage and the Church for Anne Boleyn.

My Mum believes that there is disquiet at this period of history. It's as if people know it's when everything took a turn for the worse. They know it's when the rot set in.

Dreadful sneering article on the Sunday Programme this morning about Confession. I'm sure that David Willey is a lovely guy, but he obviously hates Catholicism. Maybe we could have a whip round for him and get him to retire.

Thank God for EWTN. Now I can watch Urbi et Orbi and listen to it instead of having to turn the sound off on the BBC. You know the scene. Beautiful Rome, sunshine, thousands of smiling people, lovely flowers from the Dutch, the Pope....(that's in a random order of importance, clearly,) doom laden BBC Commentary going on about war, terrorism, famine, disease, global warming. So banal.


Mulier Fortis said...

David Willey has been the BBC's Rome Correspondent since 1971.

He wrote a vicious book on Pope JPII called "God's Politician"

You are absolutely right... I'm sure that he hates Catholicism with a vengeance!

On a related note, Fr Justin (of Nova and Vetera fame) actually appears in the film...

leutgeb said...

I thought I remembered Fr Justin mentioning that, so I did try to look carefully at the Priest, but he wasn't really on for long, bits of Latin and then an uncomfortable Wedding Feast with crowds jeering outside.

My Mum says people were shouting 'HA' and not in a good way.

leutgeb said...

1971. Time for a change.

They can get rid of their anti-Irish brigade who have just made a new series for R4, whilst they at it too. It was like stepping back in time listening to it this week.

leutgeb said...
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leutgeb said...

Comment deleted by the author. I clicked publish twice.

That's not David Willey having a go or Ian Paisley, come to that.