Saturday 20 September 2008

A Sunny Saturday

Good things that happened today
1 Went to Low Mass at Blackfen.
Some people would give their eye teeth to do that and I only have to drive 2 miles.
2 Mowed lawn.
3 Weeded, cut back, planted and generally tidied up garden.
4 Put washing out to dry. Isn't it so much nicer when clothes are dried outside?
5 Cooked food for the next 3 days.
6 Baked some cakes.
7 Picked some blackberries and froze them to make a crumble for next week - French friends - apparently 'le crumble' is the thing.
8 Noted that tomatoes are actually going red after weeks of lingering greeness. Will take them over to my parents for lunch tomorrow yum.
9 Received e mail from friend with exciting sounding job that requires work on Sat ( and therefore is really pretty grim) saying that two of her tomatoes have ripened. Yes, all over SE England tomatoes are cheering that the sun is shining and are turing red.
10 Note that the football pitches are now marked out on the playing fields behind new house. I like backing onto allotments and playing fields. Last weekend I spied a lady digging behind my garden. I hope she grows lots of nice stuff and also on Sat am little boys are being put through their paces in football training.
11 Ate tea in garden and looked at the sky (as well as my plate!) Then it got chilly so I went in to turn chicken carcass into stock - yum.

OK, so pretty heavy on gardening and cooking, but I have to get all the farming housewife stuff done at the weekend, especially now the night are drawing in. Can't do weeding in the dark too easily. I have been know to bake cakes late at night in readiness for a family party, but that's another story.

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LizzieD said...

Oh I LOVE weeding in the dark (as long as there haven't been any cats around!). I get so little time to garden that once I start I can't stop at dusk !! I love hearing about baking ...still waiting for that B B recipe ...I've got a lot of flour to use up after a particular disaster that happened today lol!