Sunday 1 February 2009


Took a trip with some French friends to the Byzantium exhibition at the Royal Academy today which was excellent. Any civilisation that can produce all those beautiful images is worth reading a book about. Fortunately, they had lots, so um something else to get stuck into... still only on p79 of 'War and Peace.' Anyway, makes me wonder what people will be looking at from our culture in 1500 years time, never mind listening to. I hope we are at the beginning of a new flowering of things beautiful and good.

Meantime. I hope all the snow goes quickly. Having had one afternoon off in 16 years due to 'stay at home' snow, I think I'm due a few days, but I really do not have time for them this week. I need boys in orchestras and bodies in the audience. And to think I was digging this morning before I went to Mass....

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