Thursday, 26 July 2012

Adventuring on the island

That's the island, btw.

Having been a little cold and wet over the last few weeks, it just so happened that the last four days of great weather coincided with a chantfest, preceded by Leutgeb's coast to coat drive in a day from Ryde to The Needles and back in time for tea and collecting Clare from the Pierhead. And for those of you who think the IOW a tad tame, it's quite fun especially in a car with a one litre engine. Some groovy gradients, one bit where half the road was closed due to erosion and lunch in a NT Garden. Having set you pulse racing, some photos.

The Needles from Blackgang.

National Trustyness, still holding out, still not a member.

Freshwater Bay

The Needles, also NT.

The Big Island from THE Island.

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Location:The Isle of Wight

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