Saturday, 21 July 2012

The choir director at work

Here she is, typing out the propers for St Mary Mag's Feast Day tomorrow.
JSB himself ruled out his m/s paper every Monday morning, now of course the music director in the modern Catholic parish types out the music on a computer. This has to be done when there are gaps in what is available, for free, mostly, it has to be said, thanks to the CMAA and such like folk in America.

Eagle eyes chantman whoever he is and wherever he is,

oh there, with his AK47 ready to slay anyone lingering on a vertical episema on the second note of a salicus, will spot that the last two notes of lines 2 and 4 should be F# E - Tone VII innit?- and they are now; the post it note got in the way.
Have you any idea how early choir directors get up to do all this stuff? Think on people.
Happy Feast Day to Brighton.
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