Sunday 25 May 2008

Super Rocket

I haven't planted crops out this year, maybe later on in the season, for various reasons.

So aside from the herbs, the only edible thing outside is some rocket that has sprung up from the stuff that went to seed last year. It's mighty powerful. But I'm pleased to have it. It is great popping out for a few leaves. (OK strawberries too, but they are small and green at present.)

My eco friend lent me 'Not on the Label' by Felicity Lawrence. Once you've read what they (supermarkets) do to salad in bags, you want it in the garden. Also, if you live on your own, you have to eat a whole bag in two days or it turns to mush. Yuck.

Wednesday 21 May 2008


Found this link on Forest Murmurs.

Seems they only do research on adult stem cells and cord blood.

Things involving the Prof Lejeune name are usually tip top.

Are these the folks we should be going all out to support?

Herman the Lame

Herman the lame wrote the Salve Regina according to my Gregorian Missal (1990 Solesmes, must be true.)

According to Fr Benedict Groeschel, he suffered from spina bifida and had such a bad cleft palet that it was extremely hard to understand what he was saying.

Too early to be a Renaissance man, he just excelled at everything going in his century.

Sunday 11 May 2008

Please pray

for the repose of the soul of Jimmy Mizen RIP.

Lovely boy. Lovely family.

Saturday 10 May 2008


Stuff Catholics like on Lay people.

I don't like having to run the gauntlet of greeters and people who have to give you stuff when you arrive at Mass.

They can be dangerous. Grandma once turned, gave me a funny look and tripped on a chair when this happened to us. She was uninjured, luckily. See, my reaction, sanctioned by someone born during the Pontificate of Benedict XV.

Last time I was in a Cathedral, a woman with a loud voice was having to explain what you needed Missal and hymn sheet wise, to everyone arriving. Never been needed before. Were there swathes of visitors to London unsure what to do in a Catholic Cathedral at Mass? Nope cos it's the same everywhere.

I think there is a phrase in 'Spirit of the Liturgy' to describe these unnecessary jobs along with a defence of people who just want to go to Mass. I recommend conducting as an antidote. Loads of people scrutinising your every move and you are happy to disappear. Failing that teaching. Anonymity, ah.

Friday 2 May 2008

A new chemical element


We have a new one at work. One of the Maths Dept suggested it's really a new element. I say one of those new ones they added on at the end with a very big atomic number. You could probably use it to produce electricity n suff.

It's very high up, so interesting for my Haydn mini orchestra. Had to put people quite far back otherwise they have to look straight up in the air.

We got it to prevent that nasty moment when the conductor steps backwards off the stage and gets quite a nasty injury. Never seen it happen, but have seriously considered the possibility.