Sunday 16 February 2014

Book Review Bingo 2

The Evening Standard.

Because there's more to life than Tube strikes.

Tuesday 11 February 2014

Book Review Bingo

On 'The dark box,' by John Cornwell

First up, The Daily Mail, which goes for the idea that Pope St Pius X is the bad guy and that the Catholic Church in general is VERY VERY BAD.

Then we move to Prof Eamon Duffy, writing in The Guardian. He seems to suggest that Cornwell would have done better to leave the history bit to him and stick with the stories of anyone who has had a bad experience of Confession. And I'm not suggesting that nothing awful has ever happened, but would go for the notion that the the corollary to bad stuff has happened is not do away with the sacrament and the authority of the Church.

Finally, for the time being, The Spectator. This starts promisingly, but ends with a new definition of what constitutes a good confession and from a Cardinal.

And we are still nine days away from publication.