Monday 29 November 2010

Half way thro'

the Pope's new book.

I would have finished it, had I not spent Saturday mostly asleep.

Four Concerts and two other work things in 9 working days. That was a lot.

The CTS are fast. Published on Wed, arrived and went through the letter box on Thurs. Impressed.

Anyway, it seems fine to me. Interesting which bit Osservatore Romano chose to quote. I think that says more about their editors than the content of the book, but then I don't seem to have got to that bit yet.

Sunday 28 November 2010

Sunday 21 November 2010


Lavinia Byrne is on R4.

Saturday 20 November 2010


I shall not be going to the LMS Confirmations today, because after a heavy week and with another one to follow I need to re-aquaint myself with my home, (hoover, washing-machine, duster....).

But for those that do it's very exciting that some of the Papa Stronsay Redemptorists will be there and available afterwards in a cafe.

Meantime, the ordinariate is being erected very quickly and by next summer holidays there will be a few more churches we can go to for Mass - if I understand it all correctly.

Exciting times.

Friday 19 November 2010

John Smeaton

on Channel 4, which is good because the student tonight was advocating abortion up to birth.

Saturday 13 November 2010

Bara brith

reports the first known visitor to these parts from the Holy See. The little flag my sitemeter. Oh the excitement.

They (he?) didn't stay long, but who cares. :-)

Health and Safety alert

Stand well clear.

The thurible in action.

Friday 12 November 2010

Good Counsel Network Carol Singing

Yes, you've been wondering about this year's dates and locations too.

Here they are.

Gregorian Chant


70. As part of the enhancement of the word of God in the liturgy, attention should also be paid to the use of song at the times called for by the particular rite. Preference should be given to songs which are of clear biblical inspiration and which express, through the harmony of music and words, the beauty of God’s word. We would do well to make the most of those songs handed down to us by the Church’s tradition which respect this criterion. I think in particular of the importance of Gregorian chant.

Given in Rome, at Saint Peter’s, on 30 September, the Memorial of Saint Jerome, in the year 2010, the sixth of my [or, more traditionally, 'our' ]Pontificate.

Gorecki RIP

Totus tuus

Tuesday 9 November 2010


One or two people out with those yellow and white flags here.

*cough* if you arrived here from Fr Tim, you should by rights visit Protect the Pope where I first saw it.


Alas, I don't count as one of the alarming Catholic housewife bloggers, because I'm not married, don't have children and therefore by default, have to go out to work.

I'm at home today, because having successfully kept a cold at bay last week succumbed after a 14 hour day yesterday, which included a Parents' Evening and attending an outdoor Remembrance Service. It was blowing a gale and pouring with rain whilst we watched all the local dignatories planting their crosses. Made you wonder what living in a trench was like, is all I can say. Didn't do much for my cold. Still, I'm not complaining with so many people loosing their jobs or being worried about being made redundant.

On the housewife front I get to the odd bit and this week's subversive act of cookery will be to make a massive (massive for me that is, normal, just enough for hungry teenagers for her,) apple crumble for my friend who is organsing the Family Day at Blackfen on Saturday. Her big pirex dish and her apples, for this is Kent, meet my butter, flour, sugar and oven.

I'm just not sure that I need a special code of conduct to regulate the reporting of such actions beyond the usual standards of charity.

Monday 8 November 2010

Welcome to the Anglican 5

If the people in the press who are saying it'll be a trickle are as accurate about this as they were about the Papal Visit, things could be changing a great deal.

Never mind the breadth of Anglicanism, you can be part of group of people that takes in everyone. Really, everyone.

Sunday 7 November 2010

Do not adjust your sets

You have to hand it to the Spanish and to the Pope.

If you are going to do fewer trips abroad than JPII did when young, then you may as well pick out all the really fun Catholic bits. Beatify Newman, consecrate La Sagrada Familia, visit Santiago de Compostella. Not a bad Autumn. People might start thinking Catholicism is really quite attractive or something. Weird how all these beautiful buildings and other stuff keep cropping up. Is there a message in there?

The Holy Souls

My Primary School Headmaster once gave us a lesson on indulgences when our usual teacher was away for an afternoon. Not for him a bit of colouring in.

Every November he used to tell us to pray for the Holy Souls no-one ever prays for.