Tuesday 1 July 2008


It is about this time of year when my mind begins to be filled with wonder at the time which is - drum roll - the Summer Holidays..... The sooner the better. I can't afford a repeat performance leaving stuff on trains. It'll either get stolen or cause a major security alert.

It is during this time every year that I do anything needed doing to my house -DIY etc and me new contact lenses and the like.

Other seasonal activities include reading proper books. I had a chat once with some other teachers and we agreed that we can't read proper serious tomes during the year. Infact one suggested that she was so frazzled at the end of term that a week of reading trashy stuff was necessary before getting down to decent books. She offered to lend some to someone else.

I suffer delusions that I will read that book on Orchestration and that other one on Species Counterpoint because they would be improving and generally sharpen up my now flabby mind. This year...

What would you folks reccommend? I should say I have read all the 'easy' (that is chatty or written as sermons and tied together into a book) BXVI books.

Biographies are good.


madame evangelista said...

'The Snow Geese' by William Fiennes (2002). I've just started this, and although I don't normally read non-fiction - or, indeed, recommend books when I'm only on page 39 - this is so beautifully written I can't see how it'll go bad. The young author was recovering from an illness when he re-discovered a book from his childhood (Paul Gallico's The Snow Goose), and this inspired him to make a journey following the snow goose migration. It's his journey to re-discover joy in being alive.

leutgeb said...

Thanks, that sounds like a good find. I'll look it up.