Sunday 22 March 2009

A Georg Ratzinger Mass setting

Thanks to Catholic Church Conservation for this link.

I've only listened to the Kyrie, but I think it easily makes it into the ' good, honest music' category.

One entry on my to do list is to buy some Rheinberger Motets conducted by him with the Regensburg Choir. I went on a singing course in a Monastery in Normandy once where we sang a motet at Vespers every day plus some Masses. (Byrd 4 part ) Rheinberger was in the repertoire and the English (Anglican) participants kept complaining about the sentimentality. 'Oh no, not the Rheinberger.' I like it a lot. But then my favourite Christmas ditty is Berlioz The shepherd's farewell. It's not just British newspapers that I don't get on with.

The community sang very beautifully and were very gracious and hospitable. They had several very elderly Priests and the younger ones would have to steady them by the arm in and out of the Church. They really gave the sense that it was not only a pleasure to be helping but that they would happily have spent all day walking incredibly slowly if that's what was needed.

I know that if you spend time really listening to other people so as to fit musically with them it has an effect on how you treat them generally. But then you knew that anyway. It says so at the bottom of this page. Monsignor Ratzinger's brother said so.

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