Sunday 29 November 2009

Arise once more

You can see the pics at Mac's blog and as she says in her comments, after she took the photos of the audience, rentamob showed up, in the form of quite a few adults and lots and lots of children.

The film itself is well worth seeing - lots of beautiful works of art, our ruined abbeys, informative speakers and proper music - Pergolesi Stabat Mater and Allegri Miserere.

If you aren't due a screening close by, you can buy the DVD and DVDs of all your favourite Catholic films at St Anthony Communications.

With Christmas coming, I say buy folks Catholic stuff.

Last time I mentioned a film, one person went to see it! Bara brith; keeping it small.

PS Patricius Blackfen - you can borrow my DVD if you like.

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Patrick Sheridan said...

aww that's sweet of you Leutgeb, thanks!