Saturday 29 January 2011

When maybe some drugs would work

This week's GCSE fun involves teaching this, without the cartoon, which maybe raises the aethetic level, I'm not sure.

Miss Leutgeb read the text book out and the biographical details contain a picture of Moby next to a little cartoon - his tag - incitement to graffiti? We read that during a thin patch he, 'he lived in an attic with no heat or water.' A 20thC artist's garret. One boy said, 'Did the people downstairs know?' I'm so glad we did the Schoenberg in September.

Anyway, we now move to slightly cynical exam mode. This will be dead easy to learn a list of points about and reel off an essay.

It's a waste of a Set Work as my serious drummer and guitarist pointed out to me. 'Why aren't x,y, and z on the syllabus?' they asked. Why indeed?

The best bit is when club dance music is defined, pointing out that at a club one does not go to dance a galliard or waltz. Just where do you go to dance a galliard this side of the 16thC?

My favourite bit of the song is definitely that bit of interference left on one of the samples, which the class found hilarious...every time.

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