Tuesday 13 September 2011

Out of the news

Obviously, I expect to react the opposite way to many news items and I have not been disappointed in that repect recently. What stuck in the thoat about the Dorries thing was the assertion that she wasn't trying to reduce the number of abortions. Even ignoring the destruction of 10% of the UK population since 1967 and that's a statistic worth repeating and if you include the detruction of human embryos in experiments, the % goes up a great deal more, it's strange the usual fiscal analysis doesn't kick in. I wonder how much income tax is being spent on killing people instead of... any number of beneficial things. The other one I found funny (grotesque, what else do they do to woman....?) the other day was the report saying that woman on the Pill remember things differently to those woman who live with the hormones naturally provided to them by their bodies. The press release (typically copied and pasted into the newspaper I read it in,) then contrasted such woman with ones not on the PIll like we are the odd ones out. Woman not taking weird artificial or do they come from pigs or something? hormones remember more detail, apparently. Thanks, I'll stick with my own, personal to me hormones and my own unadulterated memory. What was that again? Nothing like rational scientific research.

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