Thursday 14 March 2013

Following the conclave

I was thinking a few checks during the day etc would be the way it went, but fate intervened and early on Tuesday morning I went down with a stomach thing. So did my mother. We think the cutest member of the family may have something to do with it, though he seems OK, thankfully.

You have to try very hard to feel aggrieved really. He is adorable. His Daddy was bedridden on Sunday. Do the math etc.

Anyway, despite being only slightly conscious, it did mean that I sort of followed the Mass from St Peter's and saw Mgr Marini closing the doors. I'd have been happy for him to be elected, but his clothes are the wrong colour to be considered. Next time...

By yesterday, I had returned to food of the bland variety and had to turn down a kind invitation for an Indian, scrambled eggs on toast being as far as my culinary imaginations would take me and I'm exhausted by doing anything. ( Just put some washing on, now need a rest. )


That meant I happened to watch the white smoke and the announcement. All very exciting. I quickly switched to a mixture of Vatican TV and Sky and later Al Jazeera- very respectful and willing to enter into the spirit of the crowd. At least Sky don't talk all the time, although they didn't seem sure what the new Pope's name was until they got it on a wire. Quite scary really. What else don't the news people get? They too had someone unable to give the usual English translations of the prayers. Centuries and and centuries etc at the end of the Gloria Patri.

All I can say about The Today Programme this am is for their sake I do hope my mother was not listening because the item about Latin was so awful it defies description. As to our friend Bernhard, someone ( in a white coat, ) needs to take him aside...

I've never even heard of our new Pope Francis which is all very exciting.

When Pope Benedict XVI was elected I read his half dozen easy books.

Pope Francis is not a prolific author, so a different approach will be needed.

And now some celebratory tulips.

I walked up to the end of the road to gauge my strength for yomping to work tomorrow....

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