Friday 19 July 2013

Saucer in the freezer

Yes, the jam-making season has begun.

First off, black currant. Four jars. ( not handles. )

Unfortunately, as I have neglected to prune the bushes at all, the crop is not as abundant as one might have hoped for. Scaling the pic using a handy mug gives....

So a few ( OK a, ) celebratory breakfasts in store for the lucky recipients.

Five years those bushes have been there and I got 115g of black currants, I ask you.

I have now rectified the lack of pruning by watching a bossy Dutch guy on YouTube detailing correct pruning methods. A brutal Autumn to come.

My Welsh Grandparents never bought jam and had a cupboard in their bedroom containing the year's supply of jam in small honey jars. I aspire to this level of self-sufficiency.

I should reach it, thanks to next door's plum tree.

For the black currant jam, I used a Nigel Slater recipe. He says the stuff in the saucepan should, 'boil enthusiastically,' but what if your black currants are having a down day? Bring back the good, honest rolling boil.


Zephyrinus said...

That's one Helluva Mug !!!

Where did you go to buy that gargantuan one. Lilliput Stores Plc ?

Zephyrinus said...


Meant to say: "Where did you go to buy those tiny, ever-so-small Blackcurrant Jars".

Lost its pithy wit, now, ain't it ?

leutgeb said...

Ii have saved up the tiny jars. Sometimes in tea shoppes and B&B s you get your jam in a little pot. From table to handbag is a short distance in one swift move.