Wednesday 2 October 2013

Resolution #123

I'm only reading encyclicals in official English translations from the present pope. (Plus FrZ, if that translation is wonky.)

Since he's only written one and a fair amount of that was by BXVI anyway, no bandwagons to jump on or knee jerk reactions needed.

My usual guerrilla tactics then apply.

Support good Catholic causes relentlessly and ignore everything else.

This always was going to be a long game.

If people could just stop retweeting rubbish into my twitter feed by people I purposely don't follow, I'd be really happy.

And if CAFOD would refrain from phoning me up, I won't need to waste their time and mine telling them why I give my money to ACN. Clue dodgy spin doctors and a loose understanding of Catholic teaching make for compelling reasons not to give them a bean. I do hope the call was recorded for training purposes.

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Zephyrinus said...

Bara Brith's "Resolution No. 123" strikes me as the most sensible, reasonable, correct Comment that one has read in a very long time.

May I suggest that it become a mandatory part of all Sunday Sermons for the next six months ?