Monday 11 November 2013

Taking a peek

Weeks ago when it was half-term, I made the Christmas cake. Been doing it for twenty years, so no drama there. Decided to leave it in the oven, oven off, to dry out a little, before storing in a tin and um left it in the oven. Not for a long time, but from Thursday night when I made it til Sat evening when I returned from the IOW. Was distracted, or something. Anyway, moderately concerned that this might render the cake mouldy. Was chatting to a colleague who does all the Christmas catering for her family, now that her mother is too old and frail to cook and she was telling me how she has made four Christmas cakes for various branches of her family.

Decided to check on my cake.

Seems OK.

Rather similar to last year's ....

My Dad likes it, which is the main thing.