Monday 6 October 2014

La La La

Comedy gold here

Peter K rounds on the article and points out that the basis of the argument is fickle.

I will just point out two things.

That Gregorian Chant is monophonic is not an accident and is not so because people in the past were thick.

Think about it.

In the OT there are references to plucky stringed instruments.

So no-one ever plucked more than one string at a time. Ever.

People who lived in caves had bone flutes.

The Romans and Egyptians had trumpets.

Ye olde Danes had lurs, see the packets of butter.

But people never played more than one pitch at a time.


Until organum. Yay!

That the musical expression par excellence, of the Catholic Church requires us all to share a single melody line must be telling us something important about what it means to be a Catholic.

So rather than junking it, perhaps some effort to involve ourselves and experience it might be worthwhile.


Zephyrinus said...


Put me down for a crate of Lurpak.

For butter or worse.

Ensemble Organum !!!

Yeh !!!

JBB said...

This is about the most cogent argument I have read for the need to pay attention to what the Church says about chant.

leutgeb said...

Best to listen and learn from the religious who just sing the Office everyday and don't write articles trying to explain their way out of doing it.

In fact, just better to seek out the people who sincerely try to follow the teaching of the Church and ignore everyone and everything else.