Wednesday 22 August 2007

Mashed Potato

Isn't it just great?

To explain. My Grandma is 90 and alas no longer goes out on her own. My Mum goes over a couple of times a week taking lunch and my Aunt does the other days. When my Mum has been away during the school hols, I'm the 'supply' cover.

Grandma's favourite foods at the moment are meat, green veggies and mashed potato followed by stewed apples and custard. Note apples must be warm and custard cold. So, I've been cooking quite a lot of pots and stewing lots of apples. As my parents are going away tomorrow, I'm off to see Grandma on Sat and next Wed. Already have nice pots and apples from the farm shop. As she likes 'proper' food we can dispense with all that nasty semi-skimmed stuff (hurray!) and get whole milk. Last time I got 'traditional' milk. In a carton but with the 'top of the milk' intact. That plus lots of butter and tasty spuds = fantastic mashed pots and a happy Grandma.

After lunch, Grandma does the washing-up and then we do the crossword in the newspaper plus one of the word puzzles. Words are checked against the 1967 Edition of the Oxford Concise Dictionary and often found wanting! Woe to the Editors of Times 2!

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