Saturday 25 August 2007


Very handy isn't it? Just occasionally they send quite a useful e mail advert, but today...

Hello, Miss Leutgeb, We've noticed that customers who have purchased or rated "The Early Horn: A Practical Guide (Cambridge Handbooks to the Historical Performance of Music)" by John Humphries have also purchased "Learn to Play - the Flute (Learn to Play)" by F Cappelli. For this reason, you migh...

Mm don't know quite what I'd do with a flute book. Give it away? Not going to help me with me horn playing for sure. More than one person bought both these books? In the world of Venn diagrams that is surely a teeny intersection. Horn Intersection Flute = I'm getting my microscope out.

I like the way it tells that the Cardinal Ratzinger books that you haven't got round to buying (mainly because you've read the easy ones and only the proper theology ones are left, but you've got them in your trolley just in case,) are now 3p more or less than last time. Bit like the stock exchange only on a micro scale as above.

In other developments Mulier Fortis has read this and put a link on her blog. Wow. Can't link to hers as I haven't read the instructions on that yet, uhm. I would agree whole heartedly that reading lots of blogs from Catholics who are trying their best is what Grandma would term 'edifying.'

Better go to my parents now to water a bonsai tree they are looking after for a friend whilst she's on holiday only they are too, so it falls to me. I think it looks scary. Maybe it's scenery for a new film. An arborial extra. I could put it off til tomorrow only Summer has arrived in SE England. Yes, people are outside in tee shirts folks, so maybe it won't last and I cannot be the one who killed it. Oh no.

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