Sunday 28 October 2007

Music Meme

Mac seems to think I should do this :-)

What song is in your head?
'Lord for tomorrow and its needs' cos I sang it this morning and for all sorts of reasons it was very apt for today.

What is the newest album in your collection?

Schumann Piano Quartet given to me by a colleague so that I may learn to play it more easily. Did Schumann occasionally 'forget' he was writing for violin, viola, cello and piano and not for two violins et al? I think that maybe he did. I need an E string in the last movement.

What is the top album on your wish list?

Stephen Isserlis's new recording of the Bach Cello Suites.

What is the most recent live music event you have attended?

Magic Flute at ENO

Not a music event, but hey great singing at Mass in Wales and an excellent organist. So good that when he got to the end of his improvisation, cum intro landing on a V7 chord and then went in to the hymn, I started singing, but that was infact the real intro, oops, too keen.

What is the top live music event on your wish list?

Maris Jansons and the RCO doing anything by Mahler or Dvorak or Brahms.
St Antony Variations are a favourite, but then so is Brahms 3, Brahms 4, Dvorak 8
If I had to Choose Mahler, 8 because I've never heard it live.
Mm now the clocks have gone back Bruckner 9 is great. Mulled wine and Bruckner, obviously.

Stuff synaesthesia, I think the links bewteen food and music have been too little explored.
Although a colleague and I did enjoy foxing a line of boys by having a conversation about colours and keys. He thought C major was yellow - a happy smiley key, whereas HoD who has perfect pitch, thought the whole idea was silly and then said C maj was magnolia and neutral.

But I digress.

I also am fond of early music, so some beautiful venue in Italy, with a great group doing Monteverdi ( anything I love it all.) I like Ex Cathedra quite a bit.

I also like the relentless play/ sing til you drop of Irish Trad music with all the dancing (clompy shoes particularly)and Welsh choirs. Oh and then there is Cerdd dant. So a day at the National Eisteddfod. Best singing I have ever heard was at the Eisteddfod in Bala. Can't beat it. Welsh being blest with pure vowels plus a harp. Need I say more...

Long list but hey this is a Catholic blog who says we have to hold back?

What are the top three albums currently in rotation at your house?
Mm have to confess I rarely sit down and listen to music, but I do have R3 on a lot.
On Sat when I was driving home, I was able to catch most of CD Review, which is my favourite radio programme. Andrew MacGregor is a top man.
Anyway, they 'did' their stuff on the Schubert C major Cello Quintet D9 hundred and very late. That is a real favourite. You just gotta listen to it, all 50 mins of it.

Does music you are practising count? OK. Bach Cello Suites for Viola and Horn.

And some madrigals I must get to grips with asap.

I notice that Mac has memed Fr Justin. I seem to think that he is a musician as is Fr Ray, so if they are not too busy, it would be good to know what they like.

Plus anyone else. We all have favourites. Let me know and I'll have a read.

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Mulier Fortis said...

I just knew you'd really get to grips with this meme! Hope you enjoyed writing it as much as I did reading it... mmmmmm, yellow smiley key...