Sunday 28 October 2007

Wild Wales

We had a very restful time. My parents are still there. Got to drive through Snowdonia with a beautiful sunset. Saw Portmeirion in brilliant sunshine and just enjoyed being there.

Tried to learn a bit more Welsh. The local chippy has a bilingual menu on the wall. Sglolian = Chips. Thus Sglolian bach and Sglolian fawr for small and big portions and in Tescos where the ailses are labelled in big Welsh and small English papur ty bach = little house paper or loo roll!

My parents are righly dead chuffed with their lovely static caravan and its beautiful location in woods.

Driving home on Fri and Sat was a little epic. Had to take a rustic detour outside Welshpool due to a car smash. Off into the single track, signless wilds. Managed to locate Shewsbury OK though and then on to my Aunt and Uncle's a bit further on.

Back to work the morrow.

No more mountains or bara brith for me!

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