Thursday 1 November 2007

All Saints Day

Happy Feast Day!

I went to the Vigil Mass at St Mary Moorfields in the City of London.

They did the Mozart Missa Solemnis K337 - unexpected and brill.

I don't often go there as it's a bit out of the way but it's always well worth the treck. Wish I could make it more often. Also has a very interesting history and feels very cosmopolitan. Excellent PP. People I chatted to said people were in the street on Ash Wed and they have loads of Masses on Holy Days.

They often have a little 'do' afterwards and it is so great to chat to people who are not competing with you and trying to put you down but build you up and agree with you. So often when I chat to people, I feel like handing them a tick sheet; yes your house, car and job are better than mine, you are married with kids and I'm not and you next holiday will probably be to a more exotic location than mine. Happy?

Ever feel people look a bit odd when you enthuse about what they are doing rather than trying to cap their story or when you ask them about what they are expert in? Funny old world, but at least there are little oasis.

Just back from a Parent's Evening, hence the Mass yesterday. Loads of musical events before the end of term; about two a week, so off to bed - next rehearsal 8am tomorrow morning! (No sympathy -I get paid to play music - poor me!)

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