Wednesday 14 November 2007

Organ Tuning

We had the organ tuners in today. It seemed to be an all day job. They were still going, when I left at five.

This is a two men job. One is inside the case doing things to the pipes whilst the other is sitting at the console.

Last time I happened to go into the hall when they were at work. An exasperated voice came from within, 'I haven't got a clue where you are.'

Don't envy them the 4' shrill stops. It has trumpet stops too. Don't know how they get tuned.

I had to take 3 boys into the hall to get some double basses. They were just starting lessons, so I had to show them how to carry them and then we set off to meet their teacher. I held the door whilst they squeezed through. It looked very funny. Collective noun?

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