Saturday 24 November 2007

Christmas Cards

One of my mildly labour saving initiatives is to buy and address my Christmas cards early. The aim is that then all I have to do is to write a few a day at that crucial time, not too early or late and that everyone gets their card before Christmas. Must get the stamps sorted out next. I often get Irish cards between Xmas and New Year and I dare say they've had a few from me then too.

I just did it last weekend along with the Christmas cake. I don't do round robins because, well, not much of interest happens (Why do you blog then? Dunno Well this is all the mundane, but yet important and enjoyable stuff of life.) and different people are interested in different things, so I write a bit extra on the card to some people. 'July saw us (or me in my case,) in ...' If they were that bothered, they would have sent a post card. That said, two of my university friends who have 6 children do write a very funny letter, a paragraph each about each of the children's expliots. I like writing their card. Dear Rachel, Chris, Matthew, Sam, Isaac, Joel, Noah and Naomi. Bit of an OT theme there and Chris has his 5 a side football team.

Obviously, I'm not into the, 'I've made a donation to charity instead of giving you a card.' Sitting writing to people is important. It makes me think of everyone I should remember.

My favourite cards? (Both of you reading.) Aid to the Church in Need. Great charity, beautiful high quality cards, you can get Mass cards and rosaries from the Holy Land too and they arrive pretty quickly. Sorted.

Oh yes and I now only put the religious ones on the mantelpiece. It makes the room feel very Christmassy. Snowmen et al get put on the book shelves. It really works. That and the little ACN crib...

Who would have thought so much could be written about cards.

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i do much the same as you...