Sunday 11 November 2007


They had a sale of homemade jam in aid of Life at Church this weekend. It's very yummy, so I got some for myself and some marmalade for my Dad. They make stacks of it and it's very popular. So much so that as I was putting my purse back into my hand bag, an elderly gentleman picked up my just purchased damson jam and showed it admiringly to his wife and made to buy it, so I had to find another jar of the same price to replace it. (They have this clever system whereby because all the jars are different sizes, they all seem to cost slightly different prices. They have every size from tiny weeny ones up to 1lb jars.)

Last time I bought some I went to the Sunday night Mass and almost didn't get any - the man in front bought about six jars - clearly a toast for breakfast man. As I say it's very yummy.

My last damson jam found its way into one of the Victoria Sponges at Grandma's funeral.

Better go and do some work - the big concert is on Tues - feel the adrenalin rush.


Mulier Fortis said...

Good luck for Tuesday!

newhousenewjob said...

Good luck for tomorrow - hope it goes well.

leutgeb said...

Belated thank you very much.