Saturday 12 January 2008

Early Lent

The ever instructive Fr Z, has a post on his blog about thinking how you are going to observe Lent. Lots of ideas in the comments.

My New Year's resolution was to read good stuff on the train to and from work. That's an hour a day of potential reading time, so quite a luxury, not to be wasted on stupid free sheets. I'm also listening to the radio news less, hence my surprise at lunch time. where did that come from?

So far I've gone back to my Bede book and read one by Fr Benedict Groeschel. Bede is full of freshness, enthusiasm and energy. He mentions the new translation of the Bible by St Jerome. Fr G, meantime is very direct and points out all the nonsense of this world with lots of quotes from the Saints and anecdotes, of which I am very fond.

Have to get some good stuff lined up, lest I be tempted to read the doomladen rag called Metro. The Fr G book was so good, that I read it very quickly, so any suggestions for lengthy tomes that don't weigh too much, gratefully received.

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Mulier Fortis said...

I am, to my shame, still unable to switch off Radio 4... though I missed this little snippet... until a friend told me after Benediction this lunchtime!

No doubt there will soon be a law against it!