Saturday 8 March 2008


My house backs onto a light industrial estate, which ordinarily causes no bother, but for the last two months there has been the sound of a generator going 24/7. I sleep in the front bedroom, so don't hear it apart from when I walk down the road at night or engage in some early morning ironing.

After two months, I've decided, 'enough.' Lots of phone calls and conversations later, the only person who can do anything is the Council on Monday. The main thing for me is that it gets switched off before 19th as that is when my friends come to stay.

However, for the security guard who has to listen to it all night sooner may be a lot better.

Would you rent a unit that had no mains electric? Is it allowed? I've had my electric and water cut by these people when they were building the place. No warning, explanation or apology.

Yes things could be worse, but they could also be a weeny bit better. Looking forward to chatting to Environmental Health on Mon. Just two concerts and Parents' Evening, a Dinner and two days of ABRSM Exams and a bit of teaching and cousrwork deadlines, plus some grades to do, so plenty time for phone calls.

Off to take it out on Mathis der Maler. Quite tuneful for Hindemith. Almost Mahlerian in places with a hint of Star Trek - all those 4ths, sorry quartal harmony.

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