Tuesday 25 March 2008

Land of my Father

Off to Wales, home of rugby success, mountains and people who look like my Dad.

And bara brith. Yum. I shall stop for some enroute in Llangollen or Betws y coed.


gemoftheocean said...

Ah...so Bara Brith is something to eat? I've been meaning to look that up.

LizzieD said...

I'm longing to get over to some Welsh seaside! Hope you're benefiting from the fine Welsh air!
I've tagged you for a meme at my blog when you get back (if you have the time to participate!)

leutgeb said...

Yes it's edible. Bara = bread and brith = speckled or spotty on account of the fruit. Adjectives follow nouns in Welsh and so, Bara brith.

Had some in Llangollen on the way home today. That's Llangollen of International Eisteddfod fame.

Welsh seaside - went to Mass in Criccieth yesterday night and yup pretty bracing. We also visited Nefyn on the North side of the Llyn and walked along the beach in fine weather.

Amazing views down the Nant Gwynant between Beddgelert and Capel Curig this am. Snow capped peaks and all....