Monday 30 June 2008

A happy ending

I left my Viola on the train this morning.

Only realised about 10 minutes after getting off. A serious case of being frazzled in an end of the academic year kinda way. In the 25 precious minutes between then and taking a register, I went to the terminus, found that my train had left on an outward journey and went to Lost Property where a kindly cleaner had handed in said Viola. The man just picked it up and handed it over. No paperwork or anything. It was thus only out of my possession for a mere 30 minutes.

Train cleaners heros. A thank you note on the way to them tomorrow.

All set for my 9.10 am rehearsal and no need to put Plan B into operation = borrow another instrument, treck to Chappells to replace the music and contact Allianz Cornhill to claim on the insurance!


gemoftheocean said...

Ss. Monica and Cecelia were with you all the way! BTw, thanks for the plug on your blogroll!

leutgeb said...


The additions to the blog roll were long overdue!