Saturday 7 June 2008

Pink Pen and Gardeners' World

My RE Teacher at school recommended using coloured pens when making revision notes to brighten things up. I used them as a means of keeping myself working. Quick switch to black, now blue, now pink and you are still working. By University, it was an exercise book and biro or bits of manuscript paper when testing myself on Wagnerian Leitmotifs (Let's not go there.)

The coloured pen routine has persisted and I splashed out on a new pink roller ball on Thurs to get get me through 4 hours of invigilating and marking on Fri. Then I left it at home and had to mark in pencil. Sigh. And a more elderly colleague kindly shared with me how exam marking gets worse as you get older. Thanks. A chronic age related condition that hits you when you've been at it more than 20 years. Not too long to go then.

I had a vague plan to mark and watch Gardeners' World, but just watched the gardens and then went to bed. The item on plants suitable for drought conditions was one to put on the back burner, given the amount of rain we've had down here recently, but I did start to get wistful when I saw the man on his allotment. I want to grow stuff but need to hold back. Maybe I will have enough time for a few courgetttes later on in the season.

Pink pens and weeding. Bara brith immersed in the day to day!
Currently got the bread machine on for my brother and will bake some cakes for the family later and the washing machine is on. It's amazing how much housework you can do when avoiding the inevitable.

Back to the exams....

Describe the chords in bars 2 and 4.
Correct Answers E major and F# major
Answers have included high, bouncy, loud...

If someone else writes, 'No it isn't,' on the blank page at the front I shall be forced to reply...

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