Monday 1 December 2008

Monastic Prezzies

Following on from FrZ, I did what Grandma used to call, 'going upstairs pressing a few buttons and then somethng gets delivered.' ( Her description of one of my cousins getting a CD for her from Amazon. She decided that she wasn't going to get involved in technology beyond CD players, so never got into the internet.) I took a timely delivery of Mystic Monk Coffee on Saturday. Timely, because I was off to a 'do' at Church and wanted a little something to give to some people.

They sent a little sample, so I tried that and it's very good. Quite coarse ground compared to what I usually use, which is interesting and very tasty too.

Very good names - Midnight Vigil etc.

The community are saving up to build a monastery and have lots of good deals where they will send you a bag every month.

I have a friend who is a third order Carmelite (I think,) who is a big fan of all their Saints. She went to Rome for St Edith Stein's canonsation. (Big fan.) She's got to have some for Christmas.
Next up, honey from Farnboro' Abbey.
Anyone got any other places they get prezzies from?

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gemoftheocean said...

Check out Barnes and Noble on line. Sometimes their prices are cheaper than Amazon.