Wednesday 10 December 2008


When I saw this aged 2 after the final line I turned round with tears in my eyes to look at my Mummy.
Tough stuff.

I like the fact that the weasel gets knocked behind the ice cream van and the main thing you see is that his cornet is ice cream end down on the road. Sensitive.

I took this sort of thing to heart!


Anonymous said...

Help! I need shortbread help! I used a recipe that gave the 3-2-1 you said mum uses for crumble - it worked great for crumble (I chucked in some oatmeal and flaked almonds as well for the crumble)- it came out as shortbread, but it's not great. Any tips? Should I beat the butter and sugar till really pale and fluffy? (I admit I rather skimped on this).

leutgeb said...

Sorry things didn't turn out as you wanted. Pangs of responsibility.

I always use the Nigella recipe for crumble and use a kitchen timer especially when I have guests as I forget the time.....

For shortbread, I defer to the Scots on the proportions and haven't made any for a long time, so claim no expertise other than I think you have to cut it in the tin straight from the oven otherwise it goes hard and then breaks into bits when you put a knife to it.

Happy baking.