Monday 19 January 2009


Paulinus helpfully points out that this programme on BBC1 involves 'pro-life extremists.' Those would be the ones who kidnap children for ransom. No, I've never met any either.

The Times TV Guide describes the ending as, 'profoundly nasty, tense in the extreme... You would be insane to miss it.'

OK so 9.15pm (hope all children are now in bed,) and twisted 'Pro-Life' doctor has just injected an unconscious 7 year old boy and presumably murdered him. Yup she's murdered him.

I would be insane not to switch off and e mail a complaint to the BBC.

Hope no children end up frightened of doctors after watching this, or taxi drivers, who might spike your fruit juice and that's after 15mins.

What a profound insult to all the Pro-Life Doctors in this country and all the other people who work for Pro-Life Organisations.


Jane said...

Leutgeb: Sorry off topic. Just wanted to say thanks for following. Have reciprocated. More on the Mozart concert later and maybe a spoof tomorrow after the Vatican/YouTube Press conference. Abit bound up with the Williamson thing on Holy Smoke at the moment.

BTW, regarding the DT. My parents were both teachers and for years NUT reps. in thier respective schools. We had the Telegraph because of "its excellent sports coverage and the crossword and it's essential to see what the other side is up to." Still all good reasons in my view! Your parents were right about the anti-teacher bias, but then many papers never lose an opportunity to have a go at us.

Belated HNY

PS loved your post here about St. John Fisher, HVIII etc. Rant on!

LizzieD said...

They are SO sick at the BBC. Hubbie has just had a running complaints battle with them after one recent article online where all the references were to "pro-choice" and "anti-abortion" groups.. he pointed out that it would be more fair to refer to both as either pro-a and anti-a, or pro-choice and pro-life, and especially the latter, as that is what they would call themselves. Of course the Beeb complaints dept. would have nothing of it - as they said pro-choice were not only about being against abortion!!!! which according to any dictionary definition of pro-choice is false! It's laughable how they try to cover up their own bias.

leutgeb said...

And pro-life suggests a great deal more than being anti-abortion.

Pro-family, marriage, children, the elderly, disabled