Friday 23 January 2009

The Vatican on Youtube



Jane said...

Hello Leutgeb,

Glad you've put the link. Thinkk we should all have it on our side-bars, then we can always get to it qickly from whatever blog we may be reading.

Have done a report on what the Pope said after the concert for Georg. If you haven't already seen his comments elsewhere, think you'll enjoy it.

Really sad about the death of Tessa Bonner of the Tallis Scholars - only in her fifties.

I really must do more music posts.

Bon dimanche

leutgeb said...

Hello Jane,

Yes, you are right and I'd thought it too that we should all have the Youtube link displayed prominently.

I get quite a few random hits from people googling musical things or bara brith and who knows they may then click on that link....

Yes, very sad about Tessa Bonner.

Bon dimanche,