Wednesday 25 March 2009

An e mail from the PCC

They are investigating my (our, everyone's) complaint re the Cartoon featuring to Pope.
I will be very surprised if they find against The Times.
Maybe some slapped wrists behind closed doors.

Then again, that awful morning after pill ad got pulled in 2005 and only 130ish people complained to the ASA about it.

The date it was pulled 8th Dec?
The ad started, 'Immaculate Contraception.'

I remember the day well because it was the day I got my present job.

So, the question really is, on which Feast Day should the Editor of The Times get sent the judgement against the cartoon from the PCC?


Mulier Fortis said...

Given that the media attempted to crucify the Holy Father for his (true but unpalatable) statements about condoms and HIV/AIDS, how about Good Friday?

leutgeb said...

Bank Holiday.

But seriously, I was imagining lots of complaints and hoping that it wouldn't take 'til SS Peter and Paul or some other suitable Feast for them to do the right thing.

But then if abortion clinics are to be able to advertise on TV ...