Tuesday 31 March 2009

Fellow allotmenteers

The fine weather has bought out my allotment neighbours who are all very friendly and like me digging up swathes of couch grass. A number have recently taken on plots, so there is a certian pioneer spirit. Several have said how brave I am to take on the plot. But I had to have one close to the house and this was all that was going.
As a diversion, my Dad and I set fire to the great pile of stuff in the middle of the plot. He likes a bit of excitement whereas I like to play it safe with fire. What you can't see in the pic above are the 9 feet high dry brambles to the right. Needless to say, I made him chuck water over them when the flames started to get a bit high. Behind the brambles is a fence and someone's shed....
Meantime Rowan Williams on R4, has just spoken about throwing blame around in an endless paintballing riot. Skeptisism = asking tough questions. Beautiful vocal quality, very poetic. What's he on about?


gemoftheocean said...

9 foot high brambles and a shed nearby and all that grass and you guys lit a fire?! Be still my heart.

[Here 3 counties would have largely burned, firemen from other countries called in, and 400,000 people evacuated!!]

Quick, my smelling salts.

leutgeb said...

Well, yeh, except in England it was always raining last week... so everything is always rather damp.

Also, the plot doesn't look like the pic anymore. It's been rotavated and the pile of stuff to burn is in the middle surrounded by bare earth.

But had we got into trouble the plot is not accessible by vehicles, so the fire brigade would need very long hoses!