Tuesday 23 June 2009

Et tu Brute?

One of the occupational hazards of being a Music Teacher, any teacher, anyone really, is people letting you down. A week before a concert I put together in February and have been rehearsing since then a boy (or is it his Mother?) wants him to go on a school trip. After a wishy washy conversation with me on the phone, I set my HoD on the case, who has put his foot down on my behalf, which is great. Btw both this boy's parents are pro musicians, so there is no possibility that they don't understand what they are doing and which all makes it even more gob smacking. Basically, I would have had to fix a pro dep. Brill. Other colleague was having a similar rant at the end of lunch time too about a similar situation and a different concert next week. What happened to loyalty?

By the end of the Summer Term, I am so worn out accommodating other people's whims that I start getting cynical about people. By no means all people, but lots of folks really only consider themselves it seems. Other people, of course, spend all their time considering others and are a real tonic.

Music teaching presents two career options, the nervous breakdown route or the coming out fighting path. I opted for the second, but I have to say it never seems to get any easier. 16 years down, 24 to go.


berenike said...

On the grounds of being, on paper, a musician, I am claiming fellow Catholic Muso Blogger rights, and, if you read this tonight, I want -

- a prayer that the chap I have to see tomorrow looks kindly on my scatterbrainedness and presumption and gives me what I need him to give me (just two wee squiggles on a piece of paper)

and, whether or not you read this tonight:

- a scone recipe.


That is all. Thank you!

leutgeb said...

Prayer done.

Scones to follow. Tomorrow.

On a cheery note. Scary e mail to said parents worked like magic. Mother apologised after concert tonight. Boy in all rehearsals today and played very well. Phew. Just have to survive Russian teacher of piano concerto soloist tomorrow and then I can begin to enjoy the weekend. (Why did she have to be Russian? They are so intense and I'm shattered.)

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