Wednesday 28 October 2009

Happiness Complete

I have on loan a 1936 Liber Usualis and am now facebook friends with a certain famous chant musician. :-)


Patricius said...

(Not boasting, mind!) I have a 1956 Liber Usualis that I picked up for a fiver in the second hand books department of an SPCK shop a few years ago. In the same place I got an altar copy of the 1956 revised Holy Week book for the give away price of £3.00! I don't know if it was just my good fortune but it might be worth a browse if you want your own copy.

leutgeb said...

Well that's SPCK for you ...

gemoftheocean said...

I'll have tolook around for one. Just had a chant class last night. (I hope I explained what I found out correctly -- correct me if I'm wrong -- check out my "gregorian shaboom" post.

I understand the LU is 'spensive as all get out, but also on line. If you can't afford the book, what's the best route? Print out the most common Masses and put in binder, and then just print out the particular propers or what?

leutgeb said...


1 Hope someone has one in a cupboard that they can lend you.

2 Print off bits as you need them from musica sacra and as you say put them in a binder.

3 Buy one new about £90.

4 Have a stroke of luck like Patricius and buy one second hand for a fiver!