Wednesday 7 October 2009

Now that's what I call Horn Playing

The best orchestral solo, played by the best ever player.

Dennis Brain in 1944 on his piston valve Raoux, before he went over to the dark side and got an Alex, (see below.) Though being a high player, not for him the 103, but a single Bb with A/+ and a manual F extension, I believe. Because it's not only organists who have anoraks. He was probably in RAF uniform too having spent WWII in the RAF Central Band in Bedford, [popping down to London for concerts now and then.

Whilst we're on the subject of Tchaik.

4,5,or 6. Which is your favourite?

For me, it changes. Today 6 or maybe 4, without the pizzicato movement.


berenike said...

smooooooth :-) But not bland.

I discovered yesterday the joy of post-baroque coloratura. I've never really understood why people get so worked up about opera, but now I think there may be grounds for enthusiasm, if not the weird fanaticism one sees in places.

Try this!

Or this!

Obviously "Jauchzet Gott" still rules, but ...

leutgeb said...

Dennis Brain represents the perfect horn player. He is the ideal to which all British horn players aspire. His recording of the Mozarts with the Philharmonia and Karajan is still the standard.

As to opera, I was pleasantly surprised by a Donizetti ditty I got to hear at the ROH in May. It had great warmth and the singing was gorgeous, which is more than can be said for the Wagner I'm teaching. Ugh.