Sunday 8 November 2009

An away match

You've seen the photos on Mac's blog of yesterday's Confirmations at St James's Spanish Place. Apart from the visual delights, the music was very beautiful indeed. Actually, I was at the end of a row with no kneeler directly in front of me so was in fact, behind a pillar, and a fine pillar indeed!

I had the pleasure of meeting in gaggle at the station for Blackfen-on-tour. We had an interesting journey due to engineering works on the Tube and having deposited the Altar Servers at the Church for a team talk, went in search of coffee and cake. Before you all start getting hot under the collar, we checked (and checked again,)that it was definitely Confirmations and Benediction and not a Mass and then tucked in. The young lady opposite me made quick work of her sausage roll, whilst I enjoyed a caramel shortcake. See what I mean about all this devotional stuff, it leads inevitably to food.

Then it was back to the Church.

Then it was off to a rehearsal at St Giles Cripplegate, where St Thomas More's parents were married and then to a firework party at my Aunt and Uncle's, so quite a busy day.

My Liber-on-loan, saw action today in this morning Requiem Mass. I wonder how many Requiem Masses it has sung since 1936?


Patrick Sheridan said...

Wonderful post Leutgeb. I enjoyed the day too - immensely. As regards your wonderful Liber, I'm delighted it was used this morning - books like that have too often been relegated to old libraries, where they just become sterile antiques.

Richard Collins said...

We should have publicised an EF Mass celebrated by Fr Jason Jones at the Lady Chapel in St James's Spanish Place on the day. It took place at 9.15am and was wonderful.

leutgeb said...

Thank you Shepherd.

Next year...